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Let’s Talk SEO

SEO. It’s one of those seemingly monstrous entities those big-wig marketing people throw around, and not many people actually know what they’re referring to. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is complex and simple all at the same time. Find someone proficient in the science of SEO, however, and you’ll never waste a penny on it.

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Building a Website for 2014

Building a website or re-creating a website is a messy process – or at least that’s what a lot of developers want you to believe. It’s true that it used to be. Years ago, when the web was new, developers had access only to tables for creating a layout for their websites, and that became the norm. A few Content Management Systems still come standard with table-based layouts (believe it or not!). But we’re in the year 2014 – we don’t do that anymore.

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How ’bout a fresh new look?!

We’ve freshened up a bit! Now that I’ve officially graduated and moved onto “real” work, I’ve got a bit more time to devote to maintaining my own stuff! As such, there’s a lot of new content, and a few more recent additions to the portfolio. We’ve got a brand-spanking-new layout, and a modern feel I sure hope you like!

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